gloria judicator lyrics

Sixty years have come and gone since Rome did fall
Since glory reigned, since Rome was ruled by Romans
By invitation of the pope we took it back
Not as conquerors, but as their liberators

Gloria – Galloping homeward
Gloria – Valiant general
He’s charging desperate, shattered

Light of light, heart of hearts
While he’s gone – there is nowhere that I can call home
Light of light, heart of hearts
Where he’s gone – there is no guarantee he’ll come back
Hearing word that Ostrogothic armies were near
Belisarius led his elite guard to see
Ambushed from the rear, a foe soon recognized him
And told the Ostrogoths, “Fire on the white-faced horse”

Light of light, heart of hearts
Arrows fall like a torrent of rain from the sky
Light of light, heart of hearts
Protects him from a single of a myriad of deaths

The Roman guards can hear them pleading
“Open the gates, it’s Belisarius”

Gloria – They don’t recognize him
Gloria – They won’t open the gates
And still the Goths are encircling

Gloria – The general turns ‘round
Gloria – Dying in glory
They faced the Goths in a last charge

Light of light, heart of hearts
Seeing them charge the Goths with such savage success
Light of light, heart of hearts
Then they knew, these were allies at least – let them in
Most blessed, most high
Antonina runs to embrace her husband again

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