homo flow lyrics

I am a menace
Smackin' his balls like in Tennis
Suckin' his d**k 'Til he finish
Not lettin' his semen replenish
Balls in my throat
Splooge in my mouth is my image
I'm not a joke
Got your man's ass in my scope
Extend his d**k down in my throat
These faggets know
I'm wearing his ass like a cloak
Now I'm his number one ho
These men I be bangin', p*n*s be slangin'
Mega d**k Sam is the one I be claimin'
He f**k like a beast, you cannot tamе 'em
We don't use condoms, this sh*t 'gon gеt dangerous!
He nut in my face now his p*n*s is floppin'
I lick up the nut while I'm runnin' his wallet
I call him the driller, his d**k like a rocket
I keep my lips spread while his balls is droppin'
My ass i CLOGGED
Shaft deep, down, down to his balls
I'm runnin' through men like he shufflin' cards
G spot Jumpin'
Tearing my walls
Quinching my thirst with the sweat off his balls
Whole lotta' f**kin'
b*t*h come strech me
as*h**e got n***as kickin' like Jet Li
Mouth is a bowl, and your nut is the recipe
Finish in my mouth then splooge on the rest of me
Whole lotta' n***as, whole lotta' faggets
See a buldge in your pants
And you know I gotta' grab it
All grey sweats, d**kprint gotta' have it
Bend that ass over lose the draws so I can stab it

I like d**k, big as sh*t
f**k my guts, f**k a clit
Make you c*m, with my tongue
Then inject me in my bum
He stay hard like a rock
Suck his d**k right through his socks
Oh my gawd, he won't stop
I think the neighbors called the cops (snitch)
Big ass c*ck, nice ass sh*t
I'ma let this n***a hit
Too legit with the stick
Beats my guts 'til I submit
Big 'ol nut, in my butt
I think I need another one
And now he done and on the run
To see his wife and his son
b*t*h I'm a menace
He got a ass? Then I'm in it
He diesal? Then I want the Ridd**k
He say he with it
Give him a handy with spit
And he c*m on my nails like acrylic
Now he all c*ckeyed he nicknamed me Popeye
Cuz I eat that ass, as if it was some Spinach
Riding his broom like I'm Harry Potter
Playin' with balls, this a game of Quidditch
[Produced by J-Roc, The-Dream & Timbaland]

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